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1 For Computers Remote Assistance is a simple and inexpensive service that allows us to assist customers solve their website problems by connecting to their computers via the Internet. 

Remote AssistanceUnlike other remote assistance services, 1 For Computers Remote Assistance is inexpensive, fast, easy, secure, and works with any firewall or router. There is nothing to install, no settings to configure, no usernames or passwords to remember, and no external factors to worry about. All that is required is a 30-second or less download and you're ready to go. Everything is preconfigured to help the end users connect hassle free. 

1 For Computers Remote Assistance uses 128-bit SSL encryption, the same type of security offered by major online retailers. The  9-digit invitation code ensures that only 1 For Computers Remote Assistance is the one connecting to the computer needing the assistance. After issues have been resolved, the person being assisted deletes the 1 For Computers Remote Assistance to so that no further connections can be made without his or her permission.

How much does a 1 For Computers Remote Assistance cost? 

Each individual assistance costs $75.00 AUD and is inclusive of all assistance for 30 minutes. Billing is then accrued and costed at 15 minute intervals of $30.00 per period. This will be billed direct to your credit card.

Any queries? Check our Remote Assistance. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 

To obtain Remote Assistance - 

Simply call us on our support line at 0418 344 995 or lodge a support ticket to arrange a convenient appointment time. We will walk you through the setup to connect to your pc at the appointed time and you can review the complete process while you make notes.

Click on this image link to download the Remote Connector

Remote Access Support

Follow the instructions from your 1 For Computers Technician.

This whole process takes a matter of minutes and then you are on the road to recovery.




 Remote Access


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